Skype Groups for English Speaking Practice

Join any of the following Skype English speaking practice groups to meet English language learners from different parts of the world. Have English conversations with other members of the Skype English groups. Chat with other group members in English. Learn English in groups with other group members together. Have as much English speaking practice as you want.

Skype English Group for Beginners

This group is for those who have just started to learn English and have a limited English vocabulary. Join this group if you are a beginner in English language. Meet other beginners of English language and improve your English together.

Skype Intermediate English Gruop

This group is for intermediate English language learners. Join this group if you are an intermediate level English language learner. Learn together in other group with other English language learners of Intermediate level.

Skype Advanced English Group

This group is for those who are at advanced level in English language. Join this group if you are an student of English language. Meet others, share your knowledge and learn together in group. Make group calls and chat in English.

Skype English Chat Group

This group is for chatting in English only. Chat with others in English on this Skype group. You can join this group along with one of the above three groups. Audio calls cannot be made on this group. This group is for chatting purpose only.

Skype Groups for English Speaking Practice


You can join the English chat group and any one of the other three Skype English speaking practice groups. You need to join the facebook English community page first. To join, follow these simple steps. 1. Click on the Facebook or Google Plus button below 2. Like the facebook page 3. Come back to this page and join the groups you want.



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